Thursday, December 21, 2017

6th Grade Girls -Pretzel Roller Coasters/Craft Stick Roller Coasters (12/21/17)

6th Grade Girls -Pretzel Roller Coasters/Craft Stick Roller Coasters

The sixth grade girls helped make 30 centerpieces for Thanksgiving and as a reward they had a "pretzel party" where they created these roller coasters using hot glue. Their focus was to create twists and turns while maintaining stability. Craft sticks and wooden skewers were provided in place of pretzels for those with allergies :)

First Grade - Red Cardinal in the Snow (12/20/17)

First Grade - Red Cardinal in the Snow

The first grade students used mixed media to create artwork of a red cardinal in the snow. They began by using crayons and drew simple shapes to make their cardinal and then colored it in. Then they made a tree branch for it to sit on by drawing the letter "Y" repeatedly, connected to one another. Wet on wet watercolor techniques were used to create the winter sky. And lastly, they used cotton and glue to make fluffy snow and snowflakes. They loved using all the different materials!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

8th Grade - Life Drawing (12/12/17)

8th Grade - Life Drawing

A life drawing is a drawing of the human figure from observation of a live model. The 8th grade students took turns being both artist and model. For this lesson, they were to focus mostly on accurate proportions in their drawings. Here is a photo of them working hard--

Friday Open Art Studio (12/1/17)

Friday Open Art Studio

Every Friday after school, the art studio is open for students to work on any project of their choice with guidance from Ms. Seckel. Here are a few students working on their individual projects. For more information, please look at the OLH Art Website.

4th Grade Play Banner (10/27/17)

4th Grade Play Banner

The fourth grade students made individual drawings and then collaboratively created the banner for their play, "Test-Taking Strategies" with a little help from Ms. Seckel.

Art on Halloween (2017)

Art on Halloween

The 8th grade had fun making halloween entries in their sketchbooks while the kindergarten made collaborative halloween drawings.

Before halloween, the 7th grade made halloween themed placemats for a local senior center. One student liked hers so much she wanted to keep it, but it went on to the senior center. In this case, a photo will have to do. :)

OLH students donate candy every year to send to the troops overseas. This year, students donated their chosen items in these fun frankenstein and Minecraft character boxes.
The creativity in these students amazes me every day!